3. Tasks for the New English Curriculum

13 05 2010

[Originally published in  ELT Chat  of  http://www.Free_esl.com]

The introduction of the a new English Curriculum in the south Indian state of Kerala, in the beginning of the new millennium necessitated the introduction of new tasks for ELT. Given below are a few tasks which my BEd trainees make use of during Practice Teaching.

Constructivism                      Multiple Intelligence                          Activity-based



Cooperative learning              * Verbal/linguistic                                     Individual task

Collaborative learning               Speak, Talk                                                    Pair work

Interaction                                Write                                                               Group work

Discovering                              *Logical                                                         Dialogue

Predicting                                 justifying  cause                                             Debate

Guessing                                   Establishing relation                                       Discussion

Thinking critically                      * Visual                                                       Inquiry

Appreciating                                draw/illustrate                                           Seminar

Comparing                               * Bodily-kinesthetic                                Role play

Summarizing                             Act/dance                                                    Writing  of :

Problem solving                        *Musical                                                    *narratives

                                                Singing/setting to music                                 *letters

                                                * Interpersonal                                           *essays

                                                (leader of group)                                            *summary

                                                Activity in group                                             *notice

                                                * Intrapersonal                                            *diary writing

                                                Change in attitude/value                                *posters

                                                Contemplating issues

                                                * Naturalistic

                                                Developing curiosity to discover

                                                Read / find  similar texts




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