4. Checking Comprehension: Novels

13 05 2010

[Originally published in  ELT Chat  of  http://www.Free_esl.com]

 Encourage students to read  a chapter of the prescribed novel every week.  The following  types of questions could be asked to  enhance textual comprehension in addition to the time honoured  Question – Answer  sessions or  Summarizing  tasks.

*  Closed questions

* True-false-statements

*  Multiple-choice-tests

*  Summarizing episodes

* Completing defective dialogues

* Correcting mixed up  summaries

* Locating and contextualizing quotations

* A Gapped Summary   as a fill-in-exercise

* Encouraging  students  to  illustrate paragraphs

* Having the students write one sentence for each paragraph

* Putting   a character’s  dialogue  in the wrong place; the students find and correct it

* Scrambled sentences to be  put in the correct order through listening comprehension.





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8 04 2015
Merlyn Mathew

Really useful.

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