5.ICT for ELT

13 05 2010

[Originally published in  ELT Chat  of  http://www.Free_esl.com] 

A wide range of research shows that the quality of learning [e.g. Davis et al. (1997)] can be significantly enhanced when ICT is approached and utilised as an intellectual ‘multi-tool’, adaptable to learners’ needs. Research [e.g. Bransford et al, 1994] also shows that ICT can enhance:

– critical thinking;
– information handling skills;
– higher level conceptualisation
– and problem solving.

ELT Tasks Using ICT Tools

ELT Tasks  ICT Tools that help
Composing Texts Word processing; E-mail, Computer Conferencing; Digitaldf Digital cameras; voice recording software
Focusing on Audience/ Purpose;Presenting Texts E-mail; Computer and Video Conferencing, Desk top Publishing; Web authoring; Databases and Spreadsheets; Multimedia software; Presentation software
Transforming Texts Word processing; Desk Top Publishing; Hypermedia
Exploring Information CD ROM; Internet; video conferencing; electronic mail
Reading Texts Internet; CD ROM; Talking Books
Asking ‘What If’? Questions Simulation; Data bases; Internet text debates; video conferencing
Identifying features of text Word processors; Text Disclosure Programme
Developing knowledge about language Text Disclosure Programme; Internet; CD-ROM



 Bransford, J.D; Brown, A.L.and Cocking, R.C.(Eds.) 1999, How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School , Committee on Developments in the Science of Learning , National Research Council, National Academic Press.

Davis, N., Desforges, C. et al. (1997) ‘Can Quality in Learning be Enhanced through the use of IT?’ in Somekh, B. and Davis, N. Using Information Technology Effectively in Teaching and Learning, London, Routledge.




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