12. Use of Comics and Music in ELT

28 07 2010

Ms. Saritha G, an alumni of Govt. College for Women, Trivandrum, presented a paper entitled The Use of Comics and Music for Teaching English during the International Seminar on Innovative English Language Teaching organized by the Centre for English Language Teaching, University of Kerala and the Government College For Women, Trivandrum on 26th July 2010. The following are notes prepared during the presentation.

• Though comics and music are forms of enjoyment and have been used in foreign universities, it is not popular in India. It can help bring real issues into the classroom.

• Comics have a perfect combination of visual and linguistic element and is appealing.

• We know that printed texts force us to use dictionary regularly and it can become stumbling blocks for readers. Comics usually use simple language. • Comics are affordable and easily accessible.

• The real advantage of comics is that real life is portrayed in novel and ingenious ways.

• The portrayal of crime, horror, and the negative and sexist messages found in some comics have led many teachers to discourage its use.

• Music appeals to the affective domain. It is closely related to the multimodality of language instruction. It startles the senses.

• According to Waldorf , songs and poems are best for oral learning.




One response

12 07 2014
Merlyn Sanjai

sir,can the visual element in comics hamper imagination?If there is a visual presentation before the readers they may not use their imagination.Otherwise they may use their imagination and paint pictures of various scenes,people,places etc

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