14. An Appraisal of Methods and Approaches Used For Teaching English in Kerala

28 07 2010

Ms. Vani, a faculty of Govt. College, Kanjiramkulam, presented  her appraisal of the Methods and Approaches of teaching English in Kerala based on the data she collected from educational institutions. It was presented  as a paper at the  International Seminar  on Innovative English Language Teaching organized by the Centre for English Language Teaching, University of Kerala and the Government College For Women, Trivandrum on 26th  July 2010. The following are notes prepared during the presentation:

  • Teachers do not endorse one method alone.
  • One method/ approach alone does not suffice and  we need an eclectic approach
  • We need to use vocabulary to suit the level of the student and mother tongue should be used to explain the meanings of difficult words.
  • We should use plenty of teaching aids.
  • Writing skills need to be given due attention.
  • The 1: 25 teacher student ratio is the best.
  • A coordination in curricular transaction between, the primary, secondary, Higher Secondary  and Under Graduate courses is essential.
  • Cluster workshops tend to be a failure owing to political intervention.



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14 05 2014
merlyn sanjai

Commendable effort sir

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