19. Some ELT Tasks

9 08 2010

These are notes prepared by the author during the 5th International and 41st Annual ELTAI Conference organized by Anna Adarsh College for Women, Anna Nagar, Chennai from 5th to 7th August 2010

*Asking Creative Comprehension Questions  to primary level learners is important. It helps them to relate to the characters in the story and think and use language.

* Using Total Physical Response to teach primary level learners is an effective approach. For example all pupils can hold a balloon each and  on instruction from the teacher show; The balloon is now on my right, the balloon is now behind me, the balloon is now above me etc.

* Technology creates  a suitable  learning environment for students to master the English language. A few tasks using technology would include the following

Tasks using audio based materials:

* Retell the story you listened to using your own language

* Associate sound with the text

* Imitate the way you heard it

Tasks using video material

* Writing discourses

* Compare and contrast the video and the text

* Narrate the story

Tasks using advertisement

* Identify the homophones




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