About ELT Notes

Hello and Welcome to ELT Notes…

For the last five  years, I had been serving as a  teacher educator in the South Indian state of Kerala. The content of this blog is  based on the notes I had prepared while reading books or attending seminars.

Since 2006,  I had been exploring ways of  blogging and  got interested in the web site known as  Free_­ESL.com . I started posting  on the Teacher Blog section and my blog was entitled ELT Chat .  I was blogging under the name cpteach and in a span of two years, I had published  twelve  posts and the number of visitors  when I  last published  was around 1800.

The original link was


But, the domain was shut down and when it reappeared its contents had  completely changed!

The first eleven  posts in this  Blog (ELT Notes) is a re-publication  of the original posts in ELT Chat .  The posts that follow are based on notes that I prepared while attending seminars or while reading books. I hope you will find the posts useful. Do post your valuable comments.

Wishing you Happy Reading

Dr.Chandrasekharan Praveen



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20 05 2014

Great work by a great teacher

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